Privacy Policy Statement by Lens Flare Stillwater


The Lens Flare Stillwater Tour App deals with location, so in order to work, the Tour App needs to know your location. Whenever you open and use/interact with the Lens Flare Stillwater Tour App, we use the location information from your mobile device or browser (latitude and longitude) to tailor the services to your current location (we have historical areas that have locations and geo-fences established to trigger information to your device when you enter the geo-fence). This information is NOT shared with others. When you exit Lens Flare Stillwater Tour App, the location information is no longer available to Lens Flare Stillwater. While you are touring Stillwater with the App enabled, location information is being collected. Information collection stops when you leave the App. When you disable the GPS feature of your mobile device, Lens Flare Stillwater App is not able to tailor the tour services to your mobile device, nor is your location information available to Lens Flare Stillwater.

When you first enter the Lens Flare Stillwater Tour App, a dialog box appears that asks for you to Allow or Not Allow current location information to be collected from your mobile device. You can always view your location position on the map that is available on each tour page on your device. Your position is indicated by a small blue dot.

The location information aggregate is used to monitor traffic to historical sites and determine capacity needs for future tours, service efficiencies and new services to our residents and visitors.

The Lens Flare Stillwater web site ( does not collect location information. The web site can be accessed from any device and your location is not collected. The Lens Flare Stillwater web site does however, monitor traffic to any of our pages. This information is also not shared with third parties.

There are information links between the Lens Flare Stillwater Tour App and the Lens Flare Stillwater web site. These links are available and can be activated by a user. If a user activates a link to a specific historical site, it is for obtaining additional information or images related to that location.

The Privacy Policy is the same for the Browser Based App and the Native App which became available for IOS devices on October 11, 2017.