Catalysts for Lens Flare Stillwater

As in Chemistry, a catalyst is something that accelerates a reaction but does not participate in the reaction.  In Lens Flare Stillwater, there are many "catalysts" who have helped the project and have supported our effort.  These are some of the "Catalysts" who are important to the project and Stillwater, itself.  They have all provided advice, counsel, contacts, encouragement, support and efforts toward making the project successful.

1.  Doug Menickheim

2.  Christy Roches

3.  Robin Anthony

4.  Jane Hetland Stevenson

5.  Shannon Hooley Enright

6.  Carolyn Blocher

7.  Miriam G. Simmons

8.  Sami and Asma Jitan

9.  Robert Bilyk

10. Stillwater Public Library

11. New York City Public Library

12. Google Maps 360 Street View

13. Dick Anderson

14. Minnesota Historical Society

15. Washington County Historical Society

16. Brent Peterson

17. Maria Reamer

18. Paul Lewis

19. Kim Thompson

20. Mary Divine

21. Jim Dahl

22. The St.Croix Foundation

23. The Stillwater Foundation

24. LodeStar Learning Systems

25. Karen George, QCTV