The Lowell Inn History


The Sawyer House opened in 1861 and was the center of social activity in Stillwater during its lifetime.  It was named after Mr. Henry Sawyer, who started construction several years before it was opened.  Albert and Jacob Lowell were hired to manage the hotel and eventually became the owners in 1871.  Elmore Lowell, (Lowell Park was named after him) ran the Sawyer house and eventually sold the building in 1924.

The building was eventually torn down, making way for the Lowell Inn, built in 1927.

The Lowell Inn became a destination for fine dining and was a great attraction for the city of Stillwater.  The Lowell Inn was known as the Mount Vernon of the West and was managed by the Palmer family for three generations.

Today, the tradition of fine dining, hospitality and family involvement is continued by Dick and Judy Anderson, longtime Stillwater residents, who own and operate The Lowell Inn.



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